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Cognitive Systems for Business Intelligence

highest speed and highest precision.


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  • PRECISE Statistics provides cognitive systems and services for business intelligence.

    Our mission is to provide the best performance available in the market. We sell our services and systems at a price that improves the bottom line of our customers. Our support ensures we never lose a customer.
  • PRECISE Statistics owns ground-breaking technology that provides the market's highest speed and highest precision.

    Our systems run 24/7/365, are secure, and feature high availability for mission-critical environments.
  • PRECISE Statistics sells services that leverage our technology, we also license our technology.

    We offer consulting and integration services to our clients.

    Our media services are sold under the Caipy brand.
  • PRECISE Statistics' talent is composed of an international team of industry veterans and world-renowned scientists.

    PRECISE Statistics is a private German technology and service company since 2004.
  • PRECISE Statistics media services are sold under the Caipy brand. Caipy leverages our core technology.